The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.

The first thing the secretary types is the boss.

The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success: Concentration, Discrimination, Organization, Innovation and Communication

The five steps in teaching an employee new skills are preparation, explanation, showing, observation and supervision.

The great business of life is to be, to do, to do without and to depart.

The happiest time in a man's life is when he is in the red hot pursuit of a dollar with a reasonable prospect of overtaking it.

The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.

The morality of compromise' sounds contradictory. Compromise is usually a sign of weakness, or an admission of defeat. Strong men don't compromise, it is said, and principles should never be compromised. I shall argue that strong men, conversely, know when to compromise and that all principles can be compromised to serve a greater principle.

The more business one has, the more you are able to accomplish, for you learn to economize your time.

The most important word in the vocabulary of advertising is TEST. If you pretest your product with consumers, and pretest your advertising, you will do well in the marketplace.

The most sensible people to be met with in society are men of business and of the world, who argue from what they see and know, instead of spinning cobweb distinctions of what things ought to be.

The novice in advertising frequently gives the public credit, for too much intelligence.

The poor man who enters into a partnership with one who is rich makes a risky venture.

The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men, and to be found in no other race of animals.

The purpose of a business is to create a customer.

The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.

The question is, then, do we try to make things easy on ourselves or do we try to make things easy on our customers, whoever they may be?

The right merchant is one who has the just average of faculties we call common sense; a man of a strong affinity for facts, who makes up his decision on what he has seen. He is thoroughly persuaded of the truths of arithmetic. There is always a reason, in the man, for his good or bad fortune in making money. Men talk as if there were some magic about this. He knows that all goes on the old road, pound for pound, cent for cent — for every effect a perfect cause — and that good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.

The selfish spirit of commerce, which knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain.

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