A good way I know to find happiness, is to not bore a hole to fit the plug.

A great obstacle to happiness is to expect too much happiness.

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.

A lifetime of happiness? No man alive could bear it; it would be hell on earth.

A man is happy so long as he chooses to be happy and nothing can stop him.

A mind always employed is always happy. This is the true secret, the grand recipe, for felicity.

A person is never happy till their vague strivings has itself marked out its proper limitations.

A person will be just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Act happy, feel happy, be happy, without a reason in the world. Then you can love, and do what you will.

After what we can say you can be sure the happy heart will make the happy day.

All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.

Anything you're good at contributes to happiness.

As happy a man as any in the world, for the whole world seems to smile upon me!

Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so.

Be happy or die.

Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead.

Be it jewel or toy, not the prize gives the joy, but the striving to win the prize.

Be open to your happiness and sadness as they arise.

But O, how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes.

But the whim we have of happiness is somewhat thus. By certain valuations, and averages, of our own striking, we come upon some sort of average terrestrial lot; this we fancy belongs to us by nature, and of indefeasible rights. It is simple payment of our wages, of our deserts; requires neither thanks nor complaint. Foolish soul! What act of legislature was there that thou shouldst be happy? A little while ago thou hadst no right to be at all.

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