A great fortune depends on luck, a small one on diligence.

Against change of fortune set a brave heart.

Behind every great fortune there is a crime.

Every individual is the architect of his own fortune.

Fortune does not so much change men, as it unmasks them.

Fortune favors the bold, but abandons the timid.

Fortune favors the brave.

Fortune favors the prepared mind.

Fortune has something of the nature of a woman. If she is too intensely wooed, she commonly goes the further away.

Fortune is a great deceiver. She sells very dear the things she seems to give us.

Fortune is ever seen accompanying industry.

Fortune is like glass–the brighter the glitter, the more easily broken.

Fortune is the rod of the weak, and the staff of the brave.

Fortune knocks at every man's door once in a life, but in a good many cases the man is in a neighboring saloon and does not hear her.

Fortune makes a fool of those she favors too much.

Fortune sides with him who dares.

Fortune truly helps those who are of good judgment.

Fortunes made in no time are like shirts made in no time; it's ten to one if they hang long together.

Good fortune and evil fortune come to all things alike in this world of time.

Has fortune dealt you some bad cards. Then let wisdom make you a good gamester.

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