1925-, American Writer, Editor
A plane is a bad place for an all-out sleep, but a good place to begin rest and recovery from the trip to the faraway places you've been, a decompression chamber between Here and There. Though a plane is not the ideal place really to think, to reassess or reevaluate things, it is a great place to have the illusion of doing so, and often the illusion will suffice.
Shana Alexander – [Airplane and Aviation]

Faithful horoscope-watching, practiced daily, provides just the sort of small but warm and infinitely reassuring fillip that gets matters off to a spirited start.
Shana Alexander – [Astrology]

The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous.
Shana Alexander – [Excellence]

When two people marry they become in the eyes of the law one person, and that one person is the husband!
Shana Alexander – [Marriage]